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Database with newly established companies

Make a selection of romanian companies (database) here: https://www.lista-firme-romania.ro/en/

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Database with newly established companies at your request:Database with newly established companies

Now you can obtain immediatelly a database with newly established companies:

1. Standard List of new established companies – you receive daily/ weekly by e-mail  the database of companies and entities newly established in Romania in the previous day/week, type:

– SRL (limited liability company)

– SA (joint stock company)

– PFA (freelancers)

– II (individual companies)

– IF (family businesses)

– C ** (cooperative or limited company)

(with their identification data and contacts) for your marketing projects, based on a monthly subscription.

You can see detailed Romanian NACE list here

You can see the average number of monthly new established companies in each Romanian county here;

2. Prospected List of new established companies – is the Standard List but with the addition of telephone prospecting service already executed us at your request.

It offers the following advantages:

1) You receive the contact numbers of new market potential customers checked + their e-mail address and the permission to send commercial communications;

2) You can contact them immediately and offer those companies that currently have all kind of requirements your list of services, supplies or equipment that exists in your offer (you can find detailed specified in section NOTES database);

This will facilitate winning new customers and orders immediately for your company;

3) You can contact new potential customers even before the opening of locations, you will move faster than the competition;

4) outsourcing routine work to systematically prospect hundreds of companies and directly receive the list of firms worked by our specialised call-center team.


For details and personalized offers of Database with newly established companies please contact us.




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