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north macedonia email database

North Macedonia email database  << back to all countries email database

Here you can find North Macedonia email database B2B and B2C updated.

Country top level internet domain for North Macedonia is .mk so native north macedonia emails looks like:  name@domain.mk

Custom North Macedonia email databases can be selected on different desired criteria:

North Macedonia email database

North Macedonia email database

B2B North Macedonia email database can be selected by:

– county (region), city, activity domain NACE (SIC), turnover, profit, employees, etc

and can contain the following data at request (head of the table):

  1. Company name
  2. Adress, county (region)
  3. Activity domain (NACE, SIC, CAEN)
  4. Email adress
  5. Decision person / job title
  6. Phone number (landline/mobile)
  7. Turnover
  8. No. of employees
  9. Other requested information

B2C North Macedonia email database can be selected by:

– custom criterias at request.

* We recomand you to get emails only like name@domain.mk to be sure it is a quality North Macedonia persons database. Emails like name@yahoo.com or name@gmail.com should be the second choice.

Ask a free inventory and a quotation for a North Macedonia email database on your criteria here

Extract of some relevant email providers included in the North Macedonia email database (over 9000 emails):


+ 500 mails


+ 396 emails


+ 108 mails


+ 78 emails


+ 70 emails

Other North Macedonia domains from this database (random example):

*4fudbal.com.mk, *xe.org.mk, *5wsesx.mk, *mebep.mk, *ward.mk, *.net.mk, *noemvri.com.mk, *kvlo37k.mk, *1.com.mk, *ag.com.mk, *am.com.mk, *am.org.mk, *baroli.mk, *ber.net.mk, *bfawyevbuojq.mk, *ccent.com.mk, *ctavis.com.mk, *cvilla.eu.mk, *dafalke.com.mk, *ddresskazeka.mk, *ding.com.mk, *dohod.mk, *dora.com.mk, *driamed.com.mk, *driatik93.com.mk, *driatik93.mk, *drijus.com.mk, *ds.gov.mk, *dvardar.com.mk, *dvisory.com.mk, *erodrom.gov.mk, *fg.com.mk, *ft.org.mk, *gbiz.com.mk, *gbnielsen.com.mk, *gem.com.mk, *gens.com.mk, *gria.com.mk, *grofila.com.mk, *groinvest.com.mk, *grostart.com.mk*grostart.com.mk, *grotehna.com.mk, *ikido.com.mk, *ims.com.mk, *ircon.com.mk, *irports.com.mk, *ism.edu.mk, *jlq3.mk, *jvar.com.mk, *kota.com.mk, *kustika.com.mk, *kvadejon.com.mk, *kvaplanet.mk, *kvaterm.com.mk, *leks.com.mk, *leksint.mk, *lfaaudio.com.mk, *lfadetektiv.mk,

Some other North Macedonia domains in this database (random example):

*mt.com.mk, *natours.com.mk, *ndonov.com.mk, *nima.com.mk, *niterm.com.mk, *nkel20e2fcsw.mk, *ntena.com.mk, *ntenna5.com.mk, *ntiko.org.mk, *ntonio.i.mk, *picentar.com.mk, *pollonia.com.mk, *postolski.com.mk, *pprm.gov.mk, *priori.com.mk, *quabar.com.mk, *quasource.net.mk, *quatrade.com.mk, *rcon.com.mk, *rgo-trans.com.mk, *rh.ukim.edu.mk, *rheo.com.mk, *riazone.com.mk, *ries.com.mk, *rista.mk, *rtballet.com.mk, *rthaus.com.mk, *rthurs.com.mk, *rtistika.com.mk, *rtmedia.com.mk, *sap.com.mk, *satour.mk, *sm.edu.mk, *spekt.com.mk, *spppvreki.com.mk, *sseco-see.mk, *ssembly.gov.mk, *tcm.org.mk, *tlantikfm.com.mk, *tlantis.com.mk, *tlas.com.mk

(for a B2B Romania email database go here)

For a custom North Macedonia email database quotation on any other criteria contact-us



Adresa: Str. Vasile Lascar nr. 5-7 sector 2 Bucuresti

Tel: 0774-425.917
Tel: 0748-750.621
Tel: 021-3131.686