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company database uk

Company database UK

Company database UK

Company database UK

Company database UK includes over 4,850,000 companies
located in the 57 counties (administrative regions) of UK;




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The most complete company database UK 

at the lowest price. Ask a free sample here.

Fields of the database:

Identification data: company name, mail full adress, city, county, tax number;

Contact data:

– cell phone number (1-4 numbers)

– landline phone number (1-4 numbers)

– email (1-3 addresses)

– website (1-2 websites)

Decision makers: administrators, top-management (see f.a.q. no. 2)

Financial data: turnover, profit, employees no, activity domain, etc.

Social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twiter, Google+

Other informations at your request

Find UK email database here

Frequently asqued questions:

What data is available in Company Database UK ?

Company Database UK – with SIC (NACE) or SBI (NACE) activity code in English or in Duch: 3.866.131 entries
Company Database UK – with headquarter adress: 3.866.131 entries
Company Database UK – with branche offices: 365.327 entries
Company Database UK – with email adresses: 574.223 entries
Company Database UK – with websites: 1.124.275 entries
Company Database UK – with landline phone numbers: 1.389.567 entries
Company Database UK – with mobile phone numbers: 317.891 entries
Company Database UK – with fax numbers: 230.185 entries
Company Database UK – with importing companies: 95.820 entries
Company Database UK – with exporting companies: 134.197 entries
Company Database UK – with importing and exporting companies: 35.512 entries
Need other information? Don’t hesitate to contact us now !

Which decision persons are available in this Company Database UK ?

You can select Decision Persons by your desired criteria:

– general field of activity (table 1);

– job title (function) (table 2);

– domain of activity SIC (NACE) of the company he is working at;

– turnover of the company;

– number of employees of the company;

– County, city;

– a mix of the above criteria or some others you want – contactus

table 1

Decision Persons 
(Executive, Manager, Director, Chief, etc)
by general Field
No. of persons
Owner (Shareholder) 3.845.500
Top Management 46.452
Financial (Economic) 11.634
HR (Human Resources) 14.135
Logistics,purchasing 7.481
IT (Information Technology) 32.105
Others 311.246


tabel 2


Decision Persons by
Job Title (function)
No. of persons
Manager 23.454
 – Account Manager
 – Area Manager
 – Branch Manager
 – Commercial Manager
 – Country Manager
 – Deputy Manager
 – Development Manager
 – Executive Manager
 – Financial Manager
 – Insurance Manager
 – Key Account Manager
 – General Manager
 – Manager General
 – Marketing Manager
 – Operational Manager
 – Product Manager
 – Production Manager
 – Project Manager
 – Regional Manager
 – Retail Manager
 – Sales Manager
Director 41.510
 – Area Director
 – Branch Director
 – Commercial Director
 – Deputy Director
 – Development Director
 – Executive Director
 – Retail Director
 – Finance Director
 – Financial Director
 – Insurance Director
 – Operational Director
 – Regional Director
CEO (Chief executive officer) 34.296
CHIEF 8.742
– CCO (Chief compliance officer)
– CRO (Chief Risk Officer)
– CSO (Chief Sales Officer)
– CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
– CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
– CIO (Chief Information officer)
– CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
– COO (Chief operating officer)
– CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
IT 32.658
Economic 925
Executive 9.217
Chairman 2.440
Corporate 2.521
Head 15.617
Asurance 1.331
Financial 15.362
HR (Human resources) 17.240
Logistics 9.451
Purchasing 4.243
President 7.625
Vice president 3.429
Secretary 985

What is the cost of this UK B2B database ?

The price depends on the number of companies / details ordered.
The minimum order is 99 eur. This corresponds to approx. 3,000 records updated.
Communicate us your desired target and we will send you free of charge an inventory and cost quotation.
You can also contact us at +0748.750.621 or send an email to info@clientsolutions.ro


Database Type Postal Database E-mail Database Phone Database Full Database Department Managers database
Company name Yes Yes Yes Yes Call us
Postal address Yes Yes Yes Yes
Activity Yes Yes Yes Yes
Registration number Yes Yes Yes Yes
Legal form Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company size Yes Yes Yes Yes
Name decision maker Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company e-mail address Yes Yes
Personal e-mail address (if available) Yes Yes
Phone number Yes Yes
Website Yes
Price € 0.01 € 0.015 € 0.02 € 0.03


Volume discount discount
5.000 – 10.000 15%
10.000 – 20.000 30%
20.000 – 30.000 45%
40.000 – 50.000 55%
50.000 – 100.000 65%
100.000 + Call us


Prices are excluding VAT. Delivery in Excel (per e-mail)
Delivery is in accordance with our general terms and conditions.

How do I order and receive my UK database?

Communicate your target by this request-form or by phone.
We will search and select the Database that exactly matches your criteria and goals.
Within 1 day we will send you free by email a summary (inventory) and a price quote.
Want to order ? Simple: Give a confirmation reply to your selection at the email.
You will receive the Database (Excel file) within 24h by email.

I already have an own UK database. What now?

Do not worry! We can exclude the information you already have with specialized software. This way you will not buy any duplicates.
The result: you can start finding new clients with a clean file without duplicates.
Do you have missing data in your database – phones, emails or contacts?
We can connect your database with ours to fill out missing data or to update out-dated data.
For personalized information contact us now via +0748.750.621 or info@clientsolutions.ro – we are at your service!

I can’t find my target group in the overview. What to do?

Companies can be selected based on the usual criteria:
– Location (region, county, city, locality);
– Domain of activity SIC (NACE) code of the firm or SBI (NACE) activity code in English or in Duch;
– Year of establishment
– Type of firm (form of legal organization);

And by many other criteria you want, for example: over 2,500 keywords, etc. – custom selection).
We can definitely provide you with an e-mailing list (phone list) that optimally targets the potential customers of your product / service.
Contact us via +0748.750.621 or send an email to info@clientsolutions.ro to find out all the possibilities
We are also available through on-line chat right-bottom on this page.

Wich are the sources of information for this UK database ?

Client Solutions Group updates monthly the UK business databases, sometimes more often. All decision persons are verified quarterly.
The information comes from: Official institutions, trade registers, professional organizations, catalogs, fairs and exhibitions, other official sources, which
ensures quality and accuracy of the data. However, it should be kept in mind that an email list can never be 100% updated. For example, a contact that has been checked this week may have a new job next week. Therefore, you have to take into account a small error rate.

Which are the advantages of working with Client Solutions Group in UK ?

– The most complete UK Companies Database (mailing lists, phone lists, etc) at the best price;
– Perfect selection of your local target in UK.
– Data updated monthly;
– Maximum ROI for allocated marketing budget;
– Fast e-mail delivery in 24h;
– Excel file, without any limitations on usage;
– No additional software or licenses required;
– Over 25 years experience in database and direct marketing.

Other questions ? Our specialists are ready to answer! Contact us now for a question, advice or price quote.
You can call us at +0748.750.621, chat or send an email to info@clientsolutions.ro

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