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Databases for marketing campaigns

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Databases for marketing campaigns:

The most important thing to remember is that both firms and clients want the same thing: marketing campaigns honest, well organized, which only target interested consumers who appreciate them and who will respond campaigns.

Databases (provided by us or you) is a key element for:

SMS marketing campaigns

Databases for marketing campaigns

SMS Marketing has become the most popular tool of Mobile Marketing.

“At an estimated over 1 billion SMS messages that will be sent this year, no company can ignore the role that SMS will hold him in any business strategy.” Pieter de Villiers, Clickatell CEO.

“Less than three years after the launch of the first SMS Marketing campaigns, one in two direct marketers in Europe now uses SMS. “Forrester Research

“SMS marketing will continue to grow supported in the next two years as the number of firms that adopt it grow annually by 50% and its dedicated budget doubles. “Forrester Research

SMS is mainly used in communication campaigns with personalized messaging and messaging campaigns in general, both customers and existing customers.With a well-chosen target, a mechanism built right, and a message with a non-aggressive character, SMS marketing campaigns can be a very effective tool of communication and data collection.

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✔ Email marketing campaigns

Databases for marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a means of communication that does not require from you, great financial investment.

Send personalized email messages provides the fastest way to interact with companies that want to come in contact.

E-mail marketing is a highly effective online marketing tool when used properly.

It is most often used in direct communication with current and potential customers. It’s a great support tool used in integrated campaigns, but can also be a tool to increase brand awareness among future of consumers.

It is a very good way to promote used in loyalty programs and to stimulate sales, operating on channel success both B2B and B2C channel.

The main advantage is efficiency through the involvement of a level much lower cost than other channels.

Some conditions for emailing campaign to be effective:

• Establishing a marketing strategy: customer types, types of messages, frequency communication

• Transmission of relevant information to target

• Customizing the message

• Continuous assessment of quality of communication

• well-constructed content strategy: message relevant topic, layout suggestive text ventilated relevance of the first paragraph, visibility and repetition of relevant messages (benefit Call to action, etc.).

Tele-Marketing Campaigns

telemarketing 1


Very effective for a wide range of purposes: communication, loyalty-loyalty, retention, reactivation of existing customers, but also for software sales and winning new customers, generate leads, follow-up direct mail marketing or market research .

Telemarketing activity generally covers phone calls through which companies offer potential clients a product or service, or require information for analytical purposes or for surveys or for information.

Telephone the companies and people from their leadership offers the opportunity of direct interaction and getting an immediate feedback about the interlocutor’s needs and preferences.

To use the phone to make transactions and communications has become customary in direct marketing. This is because telemarketing is as persuasive as sales forces, as a communication tool, but much cheaper.

There are two types of telemarketing specialists used:

the client and the client:

CUSTOMER are the calls generated by the company or companies providing Services in telemarketing; using a database of actual or potential customers are calling to start a service, or to inform.

Telemarketing is often generated by client encountered in services but also in other domenii.Firma provide phone numbers, usually free, the customer can call and place orders or request different information, services, assistance, etc.

The message should be simple and accessible language in a short, because no one wants to sit on the phone more than 2-3 minutes for a transaction or information.

Tele-marketing has the advantage of a lower cost compared to email marketing campaign.

Drop Mail Campaigns

Drop Mail 5

Dropmail-Mail Drop is a direct marketing tool which involves the distribution of brochures and / or samples mailboxes in different geographical areas clearly defined street or in shopping centers.

Benefits for mail drop are relatively low costs relative to generating a mass impact on potential consumers.

If it has done with a higher frequency and constantly reflexes may induce consumer to receive and use information obtained.

It is a relatively inexpensive way to promote used especially for products or services to individuals (distribution of flyers in mailboxes on the street, at intersections, etc.).

Can be used for B2B products, especially when unaddressed distribution is done in business locations: fairs, exhibitions, conferences, hotels, business centers etc.

If the message contains a call-to-action powerful it can build quickly and at low cost a hefty, to which then can communicate directly addressed the following segmentation and well made.

In conclusion: an unaddressed direct communication channel that can be effective if used when the project objectives require.

Direct Mail Campaigns

direct mail

Direct mail is one of the most used tools of direct marketing.

Its characteristics are:

The choice to use a variety of formats, who can provide enough space to tell a whole story.

Captures attention: When received, direct mail hasn’t competition and thus can easily attract attention.

Customized message: because it uses a database it is very simple to custom to each customer.

Based on feedback: Direct Mail marketing research help and can be changed until the message format is adapted to the target audience.

Reach an audience otherwise unattainable: Allows professionals to reach otherwise inaccessible environmental reviews.

Response rate: 2% – 3% is the usual response rate, 5% is a good rate.

How does the message sent by mail: is as important as its content. Appearance can sustain or destroy the credibility of information, product / service. The message must arouse the reader’s interest, to persuade and to determine to buy. And everything is done with a package of printed materials, which typically includes a letter, brochure and other printed materials, a postcard response and an envelope ready stamped all put in an outer envelope is the first you have to attract consumer attention.

Here are some suggestions for creating an effective direct mail package: Captures attention with outer envelope – colors, symbols, or conversely a very formal; important is that the recipient to open the envelope.

• Use a personal greeting.

• Create the need for product / service, explaining the benefits of using acestuiaşi showing how it works.

• Answer the questions you anticipate.

• Give full details of using the service.

• Inspires trust, reduce customer perceived risk, reinforces the company’s reputation.

• Give all the explanations about the service. • Use an incentive to encourage reply quickly.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media 9

If direct mail is the most widely used offline direct marketing, social media is certainly the most modern and economically online direct marketing.

Social Media is a generic term which brings together, by definition, a series of online communication channels, social networking, and systems of information dissemination such as forums, groups, blogs, platforms, content / video / audio and platforms instant communication.

Social Media is about:

• communication

• transforming monologue into dialogue

• free access to information of any kind

• transforming Internet users into content creators simple readers and / or customers

• interaction of the online world for generating new business for personal or

The Social Media can help you communicate in a very efficient way to a broad segment and / or highly targeted, with far fewer resources than other communications media.

The steps are simple and resemble those rules that we must follow the traditional communication:

• Define your target for more efficient communication

• Choose a small group and relevant to the target in order to better understand their needs and habits

• Find a few leaders who believe in your product and will want to help in promoting his

• Prepare your good communication strategy, present your product in a way as simple and relevant to the target

• Be prepared for debate and generate answers and solutions; is very important, otherwise the effect can be that of a boomerang

• Prepare your great support people

• Constantly monitors feedback from those to whom / which communicate on each channel.


The newsletter is a publication that usually presents a main topic, the topic of interest to customers, employees or audience it generates source.

The subject can vary: from a simple information on an event or change in the structure of a company, to product launches or promotions generating sales.

Most often, distribution of a newsletter is made with some frequency, which is determined based on the company’s communication needs arising from them.

In the modern version, newsletters delivered electronically via email (e-newsletters) and may be housed in the electronic archives of source (ex. A company website) – newsletter- is digital.

Digital newsletters (in various formats – text, video, audio, mixed) became a very popular and effective mass communication, especially communication targeted, being used both in the B2B and B2C segment.

Landing Page

landing page 3

Landing page is a page of a site to which visitors are redirected by accessing:

• a contextual ads

• Email a link from pages generated by search engines

• or after visiting a URL that came in contact through another communication channel (TV, radio, press).

The goal for the visitors are redirected to such a page can be:

• information be presented to them

• To present the results of their actions

• to count certain actions.

Landing Page’s Advantages are:

• the pay-per-click advertising are important factors for establishing the place and time of display ads pointing to Landing Page depend heavily on the quality of the page

• can significantly increase conversion rate

• Traffic counting can help

• it can be performed easily and with acceptable cost in relation to the effect.

If well designed and implemented, it can be a very effective support tool being used in what we call integrated campaigns with other online marketing tools (email marketing, social media, blog) or offline (direct mail).

Integrated Campaigns

Campanii Integrate

To achieve the best efficiency is very important to build an integrated communication plan very well structured in the resources (time, budget) and the objectives, which are very well adapted target.

Thus, in the same campaign, based on the principles of efficiency and targets can be integrated several tools:

• offline (ie. + Telemarketing direct mail) or

• Online (for. Ex. E-mailing + Landing Page) or

• offline and online (eg. E-mailing + Direct Mail + Telemarketing + Landing Page).

Direct marketing is the first area of marketing communications adopted integrated marketing orientation. One reason for integration fits so well with direct response marketing is that the latter emphasizes the consumer.

Using database companies have become more sensitive to consumer needs and desires, much less likely to assault them with unwanted messages. Integrated Direct Marketing defines an expert as “a systematic method to approach the best prospects”.

Rather than treat each environment separately, integrated direct marketing campaign tries to use the best environment synchronized to the most appropriate time, accurately and with a measurable response in revenue.

Here’s an example: if a bank generates a direct mail campaign will have a response rate of about 2%. If we include a Web site and toll-free number in letters sent as an alternative to traditional forms of response, response orator can get 3% – 4%, if there are trained personnel, able to cover phone calls. If the bank decides to call clients within the 24-72 hours after they received initial correspondence, then are you can generate a response rate of 18%.

We must consider that not everyone responds the same way for direct marketing campaigns. A person may complete a form with great care, someone else may decide to immediately call the telephone number provided or bring your computer and go online.

Most people, however, tend to keep on your desk or table of correspondence deals with stacks of thought will peruse later. The stack grows and grows and can reach the end of garbage, but if a call is received shortly after a direct mail envelope, the consumer can be captured by letter. Citibank is one of the banks who frequently use direct marketing, integrated.

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Databases for marketing campaigns.



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