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Selected databases as you require

Make selected databases of romanian companies (database) here: https://www.lista-firme-romania.ro/en/

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We offer selected databases on your desired criteria in four main categories:

1) over 3,500,000 of Romanian:
– Kind S.R.L. or S.A. Commercial companies;
– Authorized individuals, sole proprietorships, family businesses;
– Tradesmen (authorized experts, appraisers, architects, translators, notaries, lawyers, doctors, accountants, media, agents, others)
– Other entities in your application (agencies, foundations, clubs, associations, banks, non-banking financial institutions IFN, schools, kindergartens, universities, town halls, cooperatives, local and county councils, etc.)

2) from the desired geographical area:
– Within a radius of … km from a specific location (recommended for local business customer)
– At the sector level, town or village
– The county or region (Wallachia, Transylvania, Dobrogea, Moldova, etc.)
– nationally

3) areas of activity, according to NACE (CAEN) classification – see full list here

4) After the turnover, profit, no. of employees, year of establishment – you can see the average number of monthly new established companies in each county here

– And/or other criteria according to your needs

If you want to reach individuals persons, the target can be additionally select, on your own criteria, for example by:
– Income level
– profession
– Age and/or sex
– Name (pt. Birthday promotions: John, Michael, Andrew, Nicholas, Nicole, Helen, Mary, etc)
– Only with mobile phone number
– And/or other criteria according to your needs

For details and personalized offers please contact us.



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