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EU agricultural companies (Europe)

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EU agricultural companies (Europe)

European agricultural companies database from 28 countries; you can purchase online the complete and updated database of all EU agriculture company in the desired country /countries and make the payment online full securised with your personal or company card, in the form of a file:

– the file is classic, type .xlsx;

– does not require any additional software or licenses;

– it has no limitations: you can copy, filter, sort, print, make and save various selections, etc. as you wish;

– you will receive the file by email, at the email address indicated in the order form;

– after delivery you will receive the corresponding tax invoice in order to be able to settle (spend on expenses) the purchase.

The file includes only active and up-to-date european agricultural companies updated according to the Trade Register, with 100% contact telephone + maximum of emails, with the following information columns (table header):

No. Information (column) Completeness
1 Company Name 100%
2 Postal Adress 100%
3 City 100%
4 Region (land, etc) 100%
5 Country 100%
6 Main activity 100%
7 Turnover (euro) 100%
8 Employees 100%
9 Phone 1 100%
10 Phone 2,3 * <100%
11 Email 1 100%
12 Email 2,3 * <100%
13 Website * <100%
14 Decision Maker 1 100%
15 Job title 1 100%
16 Decision Maker 2 * <100%
17 Job title 2 * <100%

* where the information is available

Price of the european agricultural companies databases:

Quantity Price/piece (lei) Database price (lei) Price/piece (euro) Database price (euro)
50 0,94 47 0,190 9,50
300 0.323 97 0,065 19,60
1000 0,197 197 0,039 39,8

You can download free a sample of  European agricultural company here:


See full list of agriculture companies by country here

For other information / request about european agricultural companies database, another list of EU agriculture company within or outside EU /Europe or other questions, contact-us !

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Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom (non-EU member)


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